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February 22
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Howard saw it all go down in the hallway along with the whole school.

Seen the fight end with the ninja down and the robot self-destruct. Heard the pain shriek come from the ninja as he twitched.

Him along with three other class mates known as Flute Girl, Theresa Fowler, and surprisingly Bash ran up to help the ninja.

Heidi, Howard’s older sister, was already there filming the destructions. Which is totally like her.

By the time they reached the ninja, his eyes were half way closed and he was motionless.

The first thing Howard thought when he saw him was, ‘My best friend is dead!’ But before he could react to this, Randy groans.

Not a loud, heavy groan that you would use on a pop quiz, but a faint, hopeful groan that lets you know someone is still alive.

Over joyed by this discovery, Howard crouches down next to the ninja while the others are still processing what to do.

“Ninja?” Howard asked choosing his words carefully, “Are you okay?”

Another groan from the ninja, answering that he was hurt.

“Guys, I need your help!” Howard shouts at the others to snap out of it.

“What do we do?” Theresa asked on the edge of tears. “Is he going to be alright?”

Howard didn’t know the second question, so he answered the first, “What we’re going to do is get him some where safe. And carefully! I don’t what to red stuff was, but what I do know is that its inside him and we don’t have a clue what it does! So help me!”

Without arguing, all four of them picked the ninja up where he laid and walked as fast as they could to the nurse’s office.

Behind them walked the rest of the school all in shock. Heidi was walking along side Howard, telling the viewers what is happening.

Howard had to fight the urge not to punch the camera out of Heidi’s hand. It was so wonk of her to be filming at a time like this.

Principle Slimovitz was walking out of the office door when they reached the main office.

“Slimovitz!” Howard cried, “Open the door!”

When hearing one of his students shout, he turns to see the whole school, plus the ninja come running through the open door.

They all couldn’t fit in the small office so it was just Howard, Theresa, Flute Girl, and Bash that ran with the ninja in hands through the door and down the hall to the nurse. Heidi wanted to follow but Howard made her stay.

“Lay him down here!” Howard says when they rush pass the nurse.

“What the juice?” She calls not seeing the ninja being carried.

“Sorry, ninja business!” Howard calls back, while the nurse left the room.

They carefully laid the unconscious ninja on the sick bed, now trembling and in a cold sweat, turning ghostly pale in the little skin that they could see.

“Is he okay?” Flute Girl asked while spiting a little on Howard.

“Like I’m the ninja doctor!” Howard snaps back. He was scared for his best friend. Wanting to do something for him that could save him. Maybe the Nomicon could help? The Nomicon!

That’s it! The nomicon could tell him what to do. But where is it?

“What do we do?” Asked Theresa again now crying.

“I don’t know, but stop your whining!” Howard says back, “I’m trying to think!”

“How about I punch him!” Bash subjected, but not too serious like he didn’t like the idea.

“No, you are not punching him!” Howard shouts pointing a finger at him. Without thinking he added, “It was your stupid dad that got him into this mess!”

Bash was too surprised by what Howard said to say anything else back. He just stood there with his mouth hanging open.

“What is he talking about?” Asked Flute Girl. Theresa just stood over the ninja, waiting for him to wake up.

Howard then knew he had to explain or they would torture him with questions. So he thought it out and started explaining.

This is the 4th Chapter of my fan fiction of Randy Cunningham 9th grade ninja. I hope you like my new chapter and keep reading. Its getting better each chapter!!! Next chapter will be deep descripitions and dark scenes so it might be labeled Mature Contents for Violents and Gore. I will think on it! But thanks for liking the story.

Chapter 5 is here,


A big, dark adventure is coming up!

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bluemoongirlluna Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014
Thanks for updating the story so fast! I added you to my deviant watch just for that! Please continue writing and do NOT give up on this story! Please! It's so gooood!
Bookgeekandlovingit Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for adding me and I will continue writing the stories for yall. I wont give up on writing and I can write really fast because I think I have a big imagination. Like I already have the whole story finished in my head and I just need to write it out with details and type it. Thanks. I'm glad you like it! :D
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